Hollywood South!

Georgia was recently ranked as the No. 5 location IN THE WORLD for film and television productions according to to FilmL.A.’s most recent study. Financial advantages are cited as the main reasons for the surge in popularity. The uncapped film tax incentive program has launched Georgia’s emerging production industry to a position comparable to California and New York, which hold the No.1 and 2 spots, respectively. With the construction of Tyler Perry’s new production studio at Ft. McPherson, it appears that our star is on the rise. So keep your eyes out when in town, because you never know when you may stumble upon a film set or spot your favorite celebrity! Check out the full list below.

1. California
2. New York
3. United Kingdom
4. Canada
5. Georgia
6. Other U.S./Puerto Rico
7. Louisiana
8. Massachusetts
9. Australia
10. North Carolina

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